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Pet Therapy at Millrace Nursing Home

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Patricia Kelly, a senior resident living with us at Millrace Nursing Home, used to keep chickens before moving to Millrace, and being able to continue this interest at her new home-from-home gives Patricia such focus, independence and sense of well-being.

Patricia loves her time outdoors every day, feeding and caring for the chickens – in her own words ‘it is my favourite pastime and I feel that interacting with the chickens keeps my mind sound, body fit and spirits high. Having kept hens before at home, I feel it to be a continuing activity and keeps me happy. I like to watch them grow and I collect the eggs for the kitchen. I find it to be an enjoyable task.”

“Research shows that stroking, playing with, feeding and looking after animals is good for the health and can reduce stress and blood pressure levels. We are passionate about ensuring our residents feel that Millrace is their home, and having a pet is just one element of creating a homely environment.”

Rory Douglas
Director of Nursing,
Millrace Nursing Home


We are very proud of our homely and welcoming atmosphere at Millrace Nursing Home and would be delighted to show you around so that you can experience it for yourself.

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