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About Mowlam Healthcare

At Mowlam Healthcare everyone’s clear focus is:

“To Enhance the Quality of Life for Our Older Residents”

Mowlam Healthcare, established in 2000, is one of the largest independent healthcare providers of quality nursing home care in Ireland. On any one day Mowlam Healthcare will assist and care for over 1,500 residents

We believe that a good and effective healthcare culture can only emerge out of professional and compassionate values – Mowlam values that benefit not only our residents and their families, but fundamentally guide the role we play in developing and creating quality home-from-home environments throughout Ireland.

We not only invest our personnel with the necessary care knowledge, but we also encourage and inspire them to access deeper levels of intuitive compassion, which is the hallmark of our Mowlam community.

Ethical and procedural policies and regulations are skillfully blended for the creation of a Mowlam community with corporate, collective and individual responsibility. This motivating responsibility shapes everything we do and ultimately defines our essential care mission.

Our priority is to ensure continuous improvement in quality of care as we continue to build a successful and sustainable care community.

Seeing is Believing

We are very proud of the happy and homely atmosphere that exists in all our Nursing Homes and would be delighted to show you around so that you can experience it for yourself. Please call the Director of Nursing in the home(s) nearest to you to arrange to pop in for a chat. Click here to view all our homes or filter your search by county.