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Post Operative Care

A special way of caring for people with illness.

The Mowlam Healthcare Convalescent/Post Operative Care Programme assists individuals with recuperation and recovery after surgery, or serious illness.

All of the Mowlam Healthcare homes have designated beds for this purpose. The average length of stay is between two to six weeks. Discharge from care may occur sooner depending on an individual’s health status.

The multidisciplinary team consists of Mowlam Healthcare Professionals, the individual and their caregiver, the family physician, physiotherapist, nurses, and other facility staff.

The team provides:

  • assessment and referral services
  • nursing care
  • physical therapy
  • resident and caregiver support
  • self-care, health promotion, and prevention of illness, or injury
  • recreation and socialisation opportunities
  • nutrition, laundry and housekeeping services
  • medical services in collaboration with the family physician.

For information and advice please call 1800 203 213