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Moycullen Nursing home is situated within the townland of Ballinahalla which is sheltered within the limestone and granite in Moycullen, Galway. Moycullen nursing home is where we reside, we being a colourful group of residents, all shapes, sizes and vintages, hailing from many parts of Galway and its wider environs.

We are now beginning to prepare for Christmas which we all enjoy here as a group. The festivities begin with the hanging of the holly and ivy, together with some cones from the alpine trees. Tom duly helps us with the decorating and of course, the pine Christmas tree and crib which take pride of place in the living room.

Many decorations and preparations are made by us with the help of Geraldine, our activity coordinator. We make and bake Christmas fruit cake. She tells us that she gets suitable recipes from the internet.

This adds to the wonderful Christmas banquet prepared for us by our chef, Sarah.

A group of young children from the national school in Tullykyne add to the pleasantries of Christmas when they visit and sing carols for us all. And in doing so, our Christmas celebrations begin and we can enjoy its carefreeness together with a sense of awe and wonder.

At this time our thoughts are of our families and of Christmas spent at other times earlier in our lives. There were times when life at Christmas for us were ones of efforts made by our parents in order to make available and supply the necessary good things of the Christmas season.

As a group of residents we enjoy Christmas time here, feeling safely cared for by our friends, the staff. Our Christmas’ spent here are ones of kindness, togetherness and are always Christmas’ of remembrances and sincerity.

On behalf of all the residents in Moycullen Nursing Home we wish you all a very Happy Christmas!

by Emer O’Tiarnaigh
Resident, Moycullen Nursing Home