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“Thank you for taking such good care of my granny”

“Any issues that have arisen have been discussed and sorted out immediately”

“I am always welcomed. All staff are very kind and they keep me informed at all times, the home is lovely and clean, fresh and bright”

“We’re very content with the standard of care provided, staff are friendly, helpful and cheerful”

“I am very pleased with the excellent care for my mother. All the staff are friendly and kind to all of us when we visit”

“My mother is very happy in the home. She is very fond of most staff. As long as she is happy there I am happy.”

“Good location and reputation”

“I have worked in many hospitals and homes and I could recommend this home as the best of the lot”

“I cannot find words to describe the welcome and the wonderful caring atmosphere”

“The staff are exceptional and you can see they really care about the patients. All the activities are great”

It’s a pleasure to visit my mother in this home, we did have a few teething problems at the start but all were quickly resolved. I am very grateful to all staff from cooks to the manager.

“I could not have asked for a better nursing home for my mother, in every sense its excellent. And I would have to recommend.”

My father has many care needs and the staff look after him so well. They understand his ‘ways’ and share his sense of humour.

“I find the staff very caring to mam. They are easy to approach and I am very satisfied that I can discuss mam’s care with them anytime”

“Your staff are always so extremely helpful and very attentive”

“Overall the Director of Nursing and staff in the home could not be more pleasant. My mother receives the best of care and attention”

“The home was so welcoming and all the staff were very approachable, and more importantly, very kind”

“My mom loves the activities, which she feels are excellent … she doesn’t have a care in the world”

“The staff are wonderful people and take excellent care of me. I have met many people here who have become great friends.”